Where to start and how to start an online marketing business

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To summarize, here is what you want to do:

1. Find your passion

2. Build an audience

3. Introduce products or Affiliates

This can be accomplished using a variety of different methods and platforms. It depends on things like your time, skills, and interests.

For example, if you like writing and are good at it you might like blogging. Or if you enjoy videos you can start a YouTube channel.

Some people use a combination of different platforms.

In the beginning you don’t want to spread yourself too thin. Focus on one model and find one or two ways to get traffic.

Only learn enough information to complete the tasks you want to accomplish. If not, you will suffer from inaction and information overload.

Stick to the two things that will make you the most money when building your business:

1. Content creation

2. Marketing

Don’t spend hours perfecting how your site looks or fooling around with the formatting of your emails. Learn to take imperfect action and keep going.

Make a schedule and allot yourself X amount of time each day to work on your business. And when it’s time to work, work!

Be consistent and detach yourself emotionally from the outcome. They are just numbers you use to make adjustments.

Most people give up too quickly because they get discouraged when they don’t see the results they think they should get fast enough.

When it comes to step 3, the quickest way to start is as an affiliate. You do affiliate marketing while you develop your own products if that’s your thing.


And most importantly, build a list. It’s the common element in most business models online.

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