Making money Online vs In Real Life

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Why do you want to make money online and risk not making any money when you can go to a 9-5 job and have a stable income? Sure, I see the perks of a 9-5 mindless job, you get to have the same old routine everyday and don’t have to use your brain at all.

Wake up at 8 am, on the way to work stop by a Starbucks, get a bagel and a cup of coffee and clock in at 9 clock out at 5, drive back home, turn on tv, order pizza, then sleep, repeat till you are 65 and retire. Then realize you let your whole life pass you by. Now you are in your death bed with regrets of things you always want to do but never get to. Then you die that’s all. The END to your life. Is that truly what you want in life?

If your answer is Yes, please show yourself out or don’t cause you like to waste your life anyway.  However, if you felt the dreadful from reading that passage. Then, congratulations you still have hope. No matter if you’re already living that life or you want to prevent that from happening to you. I am here to help.

From personal experiences, my online businesses enable me to have financial, Time and Location freedom. (The FTL Trinity) In order to be consider to be rich in this day and age, it’s not how many zero you have in your bank account. instead, it’s the lifestyle you live, the freedom you have, the number of hours that you can do whatever you want.


An online businesses gives you money freedom. By implementing automation in your business and with time, your business would be running itself like a machine, pumping you money 24/7. Also, you don’t have to be there physically so you get to do it anyway you want, from your parents basement to the most exotic place. (with a wifi connection). Moreover, you can put little to no time it in everyday, if you are focus and a quick typer, on average you would only have to work 2-3 hours a day and that’s being ambitious.

At the end, if you’d like to escape the 9-5 and achieve true freedom, online business is the way to go.

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