Ashlington Tam

About Me

Hi, I’m Ashlington Tam but you can call me Ashton ( Because obviously we’re best friends). I’m still in college and my goal is to achieve financial freedom before I even graduated, ambitious right? I’m fortunate enough to know how to make money online.

However, none of this come easy, there were a lot of trial and error and I would say I’m still making a lot of mistakes. I consider myself lucky to obtain insight and valuable information to take action on. In hope that in the near future I can do what I truly want to spend my life doing.

My Story

I was born in Toronto but the  majority of my childhood were spent in Hong Kong. If you are not familiar with HK, it’s basically the New York of Asia. The economy is driven by finance, so growing up my career choice was clear – FINANCE. Although, I have little to no interest in finance or the stock market, that’s the only choice I was given. Studying business and hope to work in wall street and work 80 hours a week. Until one day I decided to find an alternative and I came across affiliate marketing. Initially, I was skeptical, I have to admit the whole idea of making money online seems like a big SCAM. All the YouTube advertisement and Pop-Up ads saying how they made thousands online. All seems like credit card scam on pornhub. However, one day I said what the hell, why not? and join one of these program.

Did you make thousands overnight then?

The answer is No, does that means it’s a scam? No, not necessarily. Yes, it didn’t make me a million overnight, but I opened my eyes to endless possibilities. Made me realize it could actually be done in a more professional way and success is possible.( But not easy) From that day on, I gave it my best and I never looked back!!!

So why the blog?

I wish to teach and create a community that could help other new online marketer get started or exchange experience. I want to tell my story and inspire others to escape the 9-5 rat race and pursue their own dreams. For these reason, I want to show my subscribers, step-by-step on how to build an online business. No matter, if it’s an e-commerce site or a blog like this one. I wish to help you to grow your business and make the world a better place.

If you’re already doing business online, I hope that my experiences – both my victories and my failures – can help you reach your goals.

Even if you’re not doing business online but thinking about it, you can see what it’s like, see what’s involved and make decisions on your own without having to pay someone and be subjected to the possibility of false claims and wasted money.

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Ashlington Tam